Versatile and easy to use, the Pendulum Perfect will help you master your putting and chipping stroke quicker and more efficiently than any other aid on the market.                                   
   Fully adjustable to height, club choice and swing style, the Plane Perfect will get your swing on track.      

Muscle Memory Training Equipment

“Practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect”

When a person is practicing a motor skill incorrectly or inconsistently, their neuromuscular memory reserve is being stimulated negatively, confusing the human brains’ neuro-pathways, which in turn results in the person’s inability to improve and loss of confidence. Practice of a perfect motion, every single repetition, will improve a person’s motor skill 100’s of times quicker than conventional practicing where the person is only achieving a perfect motion occasionally.

Perfect Golf Labs has developed muscle memory training equipment based on scientifically perfect golf motions. The machines are extremely adjustable to fit each individual golfer’s stature, club choice and stroke type preference. The machines adjust easily and quickly and once set to the golfers’ preference, the golfer then duplicates the scientifically perfect stroke every repetition engraining it quicker and more permanent than any other form of practicing. The end result is an immediate and dramatic improvement of their golf stroke and confidence in their game.

Perfect Golf Labs’ equipment covers the entire swing from the short game with the Pendulum Perfect Golf Machine, to the full swing with two models of the Plane Perfect Golf Machine.