Pro Model                (One Plane):   – $2895 (Free US Shipping)
Academy Model        (One or Two Plane):  – $3895 (Free US Shipping)

Pro Model (ONE PLANE)

Swing like Bryson! The Pro Model is the perfect ONE PLANE TRAINER. If you want to swing like Bryson Dechambeau, this machine will duplicate his swing plane and path every time! Using your own clubs, the machine guides you on a perfect one single plane backswing and downswing along with the perfect path every single swing while hitting balls, engraining muscle memory quicker than any form of practice available. Bryson sets up at an address position that is the exact same as his impact position.  The Plane Perfect has settings for any lie angle, if you want to swing like Bryson, simply leave the swing plane on level and it will be a true one plane swing. Bryson has a upright swing and 11 degree upright lie angle, his swing then traces that swing plane throughout his swing (we do not suggest the average golfer to try, but you can set the machine as high as his if you want to). If you have ONE LENGTH golf clubs, place the machine on your lie angle (usually 7 iron or 62.5) and the machine will make you trace that perfect plane. If you want to swing a more upright but want the standard lie angle to stay the same, the machine will easily adjust for this! The patented design of the flat guide sets your club to the correct lie angle for each club selected, giving you a correct address and impact positions. The flat guide keeps the club on the perfect plane and path eliminating a too inside or too outside path and not allowing the club head to get behind or in front of the plane.

Unlike plane boards or other circular swing trainers, our patented design incorporates a flat guide during the heart or most important part of the swing and then smoothly transitions to the round guide that will allow full swings with your own clubs. The swing plane is adjustable to raise above the address position gradually as most golfers’ swing planes do, unlike plane boards that can only continue on a shaft plane. There is an adjustable stopper that can set the length of the desired backswing for eliminating past parallel at the top or for practicing 3/4 shots to pitch shots.

On the downswing, simply keep the club on the guide and it will stop an over the top swing and transition back to the flat guide to create a perfect on plane inside to out downswing path. This will eliminate the club head from getting stuck behind or in front of the swing and then returns the club to the exact correct lie angle at impact position. The more the golfer swings while keeping the club flat on the ” flat guide ” the more precise the club will be on the correct swing plane, this produces a repeating swing every single swing which in turn results in the quickest form of engraining muscle memory. Most importantly, all practice swings can also be done in the machines while hitting balls!!! There is nothing like the confidence building be able to practice while hitting balls unlike other circular trainers.



Academy Model (ONE OR TWO PLANE)

The Academy Model Plane Perfect Golf Machine is the most complete training system ever developed for golf! It is the top choice for teaching facilities, academies, instructors, golf courses and driving ranges that will use the system to show students the real “feel” of a correct on plane golf swing. Swinging in the machine gives the student an immediate feel for what the instructors are trying to teach.

The Academy Model has all the same design and adjustments of the Pro Model and adds tons of adjust-ability with the quickest results!  The most noticeable difference is a 2nd guide on the front side of the club, creating a slot throughout the swing that the club is guided in. This also allows for a 1 or 2 plane swing!  The extra benefit of this also holds the club from letting the golfer come over the top, essentially forcing the golfer to come down on a correct inside path and on perfect plane. The front guide can be adjusted fairly tight so that during the swing, where the club is riding on the flat rear guide, keeps or forces the club flat against it maintaining a more precise on plane swing throughout the most critical part of the golf swing. A tight setting throughout the full swing is designed for a perfect 1 Plane swing where the downswing retraces the backswing. For a 2 Plane swing the front guide can be set wider at the top so a golfer can ride the front guide more on the back swing creating a more upright backswing,  the club then meets the rear guide at the top of the swing and smoothly transitions to ride the rear guide on the downswing for a flatter more inside swing path to impact.

Overall the Academy Model will help aid an instructor to give their student an immediate feel their very first swing in the machine and produce quicker, more permanent improvement during a short lesson, resulting in more return business for the instructor! For a avid golfer wanting the best training device available, the Academy is your ticket to a quick game improvement that is permanent. Both models include several gauges that will allow any golfer to return the machine to their previous settings quickly even after others have used.



Adjustments (Pro and Academy Model):

  • Golfers 5’0 to 6’6 with gauges. (special order available – 4’8 to 6’2)
  • Clubs wedge – driver with gauges.
  • Flat and upright swing plane, and any degree in between.
  • Beginners to professionals.
  • Golfers fitted with 1–2 degrees flat or upright clubs.
  • Custom setting to adjust for more upright swing.
  • Custom gauges to adjust address positions for players that address with hands lower than their impact position.
  • Adjusts for 1 or 2 plane swings. (Academy Model)
  • Adjustable slot width for more precise on plane training (Academy Model)

Functionality (Pro and Academy Model):

  • Practice with hitting balls
  • Aligns and sets you up in a perfect address position for each club.
  • Creates a perfect on plane takeaway with the correct path with butt of club pointing at target.
  • On plane throughout back swing to the top promoting a full shoulder turn and full extension of arms.
  • Prevents past parallel back swing with adjustable slider at top; helps you work on shortening or lengthening your back swing.
  • Prevents across the line by keeping club pointed at target at the top of swing.
  • Brings club back on a perfect plane and on a perfect inside to out downswing to impact and back inside after impact.
  • Returns club back to a perfect impact position keeping hands from getting to far away from the body and squares club with ground at impact preventing toe or heel deep divots.
  • Allows full unobstructed natural follow through.
  • Adjusts fully for all types of swings and body types.
  • Adjust for golfers with upright swings.
  • Uses your own clubs. (Steel shafts suggested)
  • Ingrains muscle memory quicker than any other way of golf training and maintains your perfect swing with continual use because lets face it consistency is what makes the difference between a good golfer and the great golfer.
  • Moves very easy by tilting back onto its wheels and rolls away using one hand.