Jonathan Yarwood, US Open Champions’ Coach

Golf Digest Top 20 Instructor under 40

In my 20 years as a golf coach, I’ve never seen a training aid as good as this. I think if you get in this thing your gonna get better, quicker than you ever have in your life. With the Plane Perfect you’ve got your personal pro with you all the time, it’s like someone putting you in perfect positions, you can’t, not put it in right positions.

Travis Fulton TOUR Academies

Director of Instruction

The Plane Perfect has been a great addition at the TOUR Academies. Students of all levels of play can easily learn the proper pattern of the swing plane and how it relates to the target line and body.  Plane Perfect allows students to develop the proper feel for the backswing, downswing and follow-thru resulting in a repeatable on plane swing.

R. Davidson, Avid Golfer

Academy Model

Got my machine a few weeks ago and I think it is incredible. I have had it at my country club driving range twice now and the results have been beyond measurable for me. I have a very good golf swing as it is but I, like most of us, am striving for perfection. This machine has been worth it’s weight in gold (and golf)!!!! Thank you for coming up with such a great aid for feeling and more importantly performing a great golf swing while being able to hit balls. One thing I noticed that you have not hyped up enough is that the overall tempo and the sequence of motion that this machine makes you perform in order to swing and hit balls in it. This has been one of, if not the best benefits of the machine. You cannot get quick or out of sequence in it and the best part is, it MAKES you sequence correctly without thinking about it. I have included a couple of videos for you and think you will be pretty impressed with the results! (look for a shorter back swing, perfectly square face throughout the swing, (no flip, and that is a big one on the before swing) not getting stuck inside, no re-route, much improved shaft exiting the body on downswing as well as being the same place the hands exit, better tempo, better arm/body relation especially at impact, better posture at set up AND holding those angles through the swing and much better sequence of motion. -Can you tell I am a little excited about this thing? I will send you a swing out of the machine as well if you like, but it LOOKS THE EXACT SAME!!! Cannot thank you enough. Finally, a training aid that REALLY WORKS!!!

Kenneth Shiba, Pacific Palms Resort

PGA Certified Instructor

Well designed, well constructed, adjustable and very playable.

Doug Erb, Longboat Key Club

PGA Professional

The Plane Perfect Machine develops a correct repeatable golf swing quicker than anything out there. It not only gives the student the correct swing mechanics for the plane of the golf swing but also ingrains it by repeating the exact same swing each time. It is truly a solid teaching tool.

Anne McClure, The Founders Club Sarasota & The Woodlands Club

PGA Certified Instructor

Very good tool for plane training.

Scott Head, Sunset Hills Country Club

PGA Certified Instructor

Very unique and extremely useful in teaching the swing.

Chris Kaufman, Boca Raton Resort & Club

Director of Instruction

A must for every Academy.

V. Amaya, Avid Golfer

I’m extremely happy with the machine I’m in FL now and I took it with me!! I went from 8 handicap to 4 it’s the best aids I ever bought!! My swing it’s always on plane and bc of that I started adding more speed to on it!!

Peter Foster, Germany

PGA Certified Instructor

Fantastic teaching aid.